Friday, May 30, 2008


這個早上, 如常在上班的時候, 做第一件事情.... 看新聞

Phoenix 25日在火星登陸~ 29日伸出了"上帝之手"~~

原來... 要 send 這個 伸手 commend 到火星 ... 也要一天的時間呢 ...

Monday, May 26, 2008


昨日看電影啦, 其中配角說得很對 ...

something like ... "I am definitely believe in capitalism. What do you think about why I am working for the Communist? Because of the difference of the flag? Because of the border on the map? It's money!"
要講的不是資本與共產 ... 要講的是... 國的定義原來可以很膚淺 ... 一根旗... 數條地圖上的線.

那人呢? 人的 identity 呢? 中國人, 香港人, 華人?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


曲:黃家駒 詞:黃貫中 編:

穿起一身金衣裝 取消今天的工作

擠身繽紛的色彩 來讓我去告訴你

不管相識不相識 儘管多 D Say Hello

不需諸多的挑剔 無謂太過有性格

你話唔俾面 他話唔賞面

種種方式的困綁 請柬一出怎抵擋

想出千般的推搪 明日富貴與閉翳

你都咪話唔俾面 咪話唔賞面


人愈大, 愈多機會同人合作, 愈多機會有求於人...

有些時候, 你去找那些跟你相識很久的人, 他們不會俾面幫你
有些時候, 你去找那些跟你相識不久的人, 但你又盡過一點綿力幫助他們, 他們卻會十分俾面幫你
有些時候, 曾經出生入死過, 但又曾經反面過, 他們不說二話即時俾面你

呢個世界係就咁奇 ... 有時真係拎個心出黎俾人當狗肺....

但, 我又可以點樣???
曾經被當狗肺的... 不就是可以拎個細一點的心就行了嗎?

"你都咪話唔俾面 咪話唔賞面 似用人臉造錢幣"

Thursday, May 08, 2008

火呀~~~~ 上左山頂喇~~~

仲有 200萬人廣州護送呢~~~

唔知點解睇新聞果陣好感動 T_T

最近發覺自己成日都好感動 T_T

Friday, May 02, 2008

war against terrorism and global warming?

what is bush doing to fight against terrorism? he sent troops to the middle east and fought for some years. is the war ended? nope. how long would it last?? further few years at least...

The question is ... is this appropriate?

someone might say it's appropriate... because they're viewing from their angle. someone says it's definitely a failure... simply because they're viewing from another angle.

for me? i would say, it's somehow appropriate, but... there are better ways for the fight. The war take away lives, but not radicalism. Why does people become a terrorist? What is the reason behind? What is the first clause of radicalism? Can we tackle the problem from the first clause instead of commencing a battle as the resort?

take a look on this,28804,1720049_1720050_1722062,00.html and you would know why i do say so.

on the other hand, the nations signed Kyoto Protocol for a decade. does the problem be resolved? Or, does the problem be alleviated?

indeed, the climate is even worse and the globe is hotter than a decade ago. What are the nations doing? Are they really pushing the Protocol hardly to everyone in their country? Perhaps.. the great idea by great people can alleviate the problem ...,28804,1720049_1720050_1721653,00.html
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