Monday, March 25, 2013


但係好多laptop的火牛,都差不多是一罐可樂咁重(最近習慣了用可樂做單位)。帶laptop出街 ,本來是1.5kg卻變了2kg,實在無耐。


我有谂過買多一隻牛,公司一隻屋企一隻,咁就少左個藉口唔帶Laptop,但又不想為一部舊laptop投入過多金錢… 你話人係不係總要犯賤?又要解決問題又不肯付出:P 還是多花一兩舊水,把懶惰的藉口抹去吧啦

Friday, March 08, 2013

SEO Tips: Abuse Github

NOTE: I'm not a SEO guy. If this post used wrong wordings, sorry for that.  And, I'm not a native English speaker, don't blame my English writing :P And, I don't know whether someone has shared something similar :)

I have several pet projects hosted on github. And, I observed that Google give pretty high ranking to github repository. If a github repository has a homepage, that homepage will get benefits as well.

Thus, I carried out an experiment at I used the search terms "Github SEO effect" as the repository name and set the homepage that links to my blog post at

The result is pretty amazing. Here is a Google search result before I carried out the experiment (I was using Chromium private browsing, with links set to use "gl=us").

My blog post gets nowhere on the search result.

After a few days that I set the homepage to the blog post, the result becomes the following screencap.
My repository goes to the top of the search result. And, the blog post is on the first page of the Google Search :)

BTW, shall we abuse Github for SEO purpose? Try your search here:

Friday, March 01, 2013

Github SEO effect

This is a blog post to experiment the hypothesis:

Google would give github repo pretty high ranking.
If a repo's README has a link to a page outside github, that page gets SEO bonus.edit: 20130308 If a repo's homepage has set to a web page, that page would get SEO bonus from Google (I didn't carry out experiment on the effect of the README yet). And, if the page links back to the github repo, that's a plus.

Search google with the query "Github SEO effect" :)


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