Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What's Next?

After we get into the new millennium, there are many things happened. Those things make the World changed.

There are several things shocked the World and still changing the World. For example, the War in Iraq - US troops are pinned in the area of Iraq. This war, break the peace but bring something new to the World . The Web 2.0. (Will Iran be the next place to Blog?)

US soldiers blog the war by words and cap the war by video. Blogs and YouTube get much more attention due to the war.

Despite this, there are many other new things to the World. For example, the Virtual Community like SecondLife and the next generation wireless communication technology WiMAX. Businessmen are focusing on these new comers of the World. No one sure how these new comers will affect the World.

So, What's Next? What's the new comer Next ?

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