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blog for uk tour

Day 0 -

yesterday, i spent all day to plan the self-explore. i used many brain juice -o- extremely tired. at night, i started to pack my belongings into luggage. super extremely tired!! d___... when i finished "compaction" on my luggage, i get a G__ D___ GOOD NEWS!! the tripod was still under the table of prj72... my goody pc at proj lab ^^"

so, this morning, when i woke; i brought my a__ back to project lab. a bad news to me, i have had at least 5 meals today -.- 60.5kg (last week) ... 2 meals at home, 2 in airport, and 1 on plane. i think, when i get back from london, i should be somewhere around 62kg.

- - -

Day 1 -

tired !! we leave airport at around 8am and we first settled down ourselves in hotel.

later on, we headed to greenwich. we went by tube. this was the first time for me to travel by tube. however, i dun think it's difficult to travel with.

when we first reached greenwich, we first get lunch. however, something unhappy happened. we noticed that we need to reunion at somewhere we don't know ... G__! at last, we gather together at restaurant and find the way to the reunion point lately. by the way, we got to greenwich observatory! something cool is that the environment near the observatory is extremely relaxing and comfortable. i have long time no walking through a peaceful and relaxing Green Heaven.

after that, we go to the musceum nearby and "take a look". i have no time to go throught everything.. >.< poor!! then we headed by london city center by riding on a boat. that's wonderful!! the breeze is cool and the funny tour guide is superb! finally, we get onto the london "hot dog", the big eye. london, is extremely nice! something new together with something old... evolution ^^"

by the way, why i am tired??

that's because i am the video crew... just like the japan tour, i take video... keeping myself 110% attetion all the time and carrying the tripod most of the time. furthermore, i have a part-time duty... keeping the group to have group photo -o- (part-time pic ^^v)

- - -

Day 2 -

"anything can happen if you let it"

today, we got to 2 universities, 1 is for virtual reality, and the other is for biomedic.

from the vr, i got a clear picture of what is shading (i've no background for CG at all >.< ) moreover, i got a new term - "light field rendering" this rendering method is not rendering the polygon, but the light way itself. that's cool!!

at night, we go to a theater for a musical "mary poppins". it talks about a lady who teach the kids something to belief and behave ... "anything can happen if you let it" Good Story!

- - -

Day 3 -

i hurt my left foot today /_\

no mood to visit although edinburgh is fantastic ... i get a book today ... the gift for myself XD (happy birthday^^ shing)

on the other hand, i am very tired... carrying a heavy baggage all the day ... G__!

- - -

Day 4 -

yesterday, we met Taku... we got a good meal, and a good tour to national gallery and the castle.

today, we go to the university!

in the cricket lab, i got a message "even a cricket is so small, it's already very complex"

after the university visit, i tried my first visit to cathedral! that's extremely wonderful when i first step inside it. i got a "shock" when i take the first look inside!

- - -

Day 5 -

today, i went to so many scenic spots, i enjoy the parks in london very much. the british are putting a wood into a city!! there are birds, fishes, and even wild 松鼠.

at night, i went to covent garden. when i get there, some people are dancing. they enjoy their dance and the audience also. i headed to the market. someone is playing magic! good show! and good night!

(an observation ... difference between chinese and british... whenever there is a street performance, chinese are audience while british are player in the performance. british yell, scream, shout when they are enjoying the performance while chinese do not. british are actually enjoying their participation instead of the performance.)

- - -

Day 6 -

=D food tour.

british, itialian, french, thai, indian, chinese... food in uk are expensive >.< the streets do not have cheap food, so we got food tour in UK XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

today, i went to trafalgar square ... nice ! there was a fashion stage performancein front of the traditional national gallery. Cool! i dunno how to express my feeling ... is that a crossover of old and new ^^?

- - -

Day 7 -

we get to pub tonight^^ food tour ... as told. =D

today, we are in cambridge. a nice place built by colleges. colleges are independent and self-financed. a big difference from other universities all over the world. the city is a bit old but not as old as edinburgh. it's COLD >.< !! buy a hat to make myself warm ^^v

- - -

Day 8 -

this writing is written when i am drinking at the bar of the hotel in london. today, we come back from cambridge. we did take a ride on river cam. i know why mathematical bridge is so called "mathematical bridge" now... that's because the bridge use maths to build with wood without nail and it's designed by Issac Newton. G__!!

moreover, we got to dept of engineering of university of cambridge. we climbed up to the roof in the dept tour =D first time for me to climb up to the roof. (this study tour gave me a lot of "first time")

today, i chatted a lot with prof ip. he's very nice ! we talked about science park, his career, cityu's student difficulties, and machine learning. i like to talk to him as i talk to dr kwok. i learnt a lot from them ^^

besides, i talked about my fyp with my "new friend" - chu. he also talked about his "previous" fyp (fyp few weeks ago -.-") a good idea exchange ^^

(G__! a false alarm break out tonight. some of our teammates were scared, some of them were feeling nothing happened, some of them were still staying in their room, when a fire alarm broke ... i am angry... because some of them said they need to get back their belongings while some of them brought along their souvenir down to the ground ... -.-) nothing much to say, good night!

- - -

Day 9 -

backed to HK. get back cs lab to return the heavy stuff and to organize the post-tour video stuff. and writing the blog ... =D

my weight ... 60Kg.

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