Sunday, July 01, 2007

FSE Project is OVER...

This is the end of my first dark month - June and the FSE project is over.

What we did for the project??? around 50MBytes of stuff ...

Here is a brief summary of what the project means to us.

From the point of view of student, this was a great opportunity for us to master a self-governed software development. We setup-ed our road-map, we designed the architecture, we researched for technique, we experimented the tools, and we criticized our artifacts. This is totally different from doing coursework in which this project does not have any guideline given by others.

From the point of view of software developer, this was a disaster for us to do the work with 18 credit hours in each semester. In order to make the development on schedule, we needed to squeeze our time by killing less time, serving less time and buying more time. The project gives us a preview of what FYP is going to be.

From the point of view of project manger, this was a miserable failure for us to do open source development in a tight schedule. We fail to make a workable product, but we do enjoy the process. It is because the process let us experience the pressure from the authority expectation.

At last, from the point of view of open source community member, this was a good starting point in joining the community. We started living in the community when we stepped our first step!

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