Tuesday, January 08, 2008

VC? DotCom? Green Tech?

in 2000, dot com busted.

in 2006 and 2007, dot com thrived. VC gives $ to dot com like myspace, feedburner, facebook, youtube, digg, delicious, and many other dot com.

today, it is already 2008. Will VC still focus in dot com?

the answer is .... no.

VC today invest $ on green technology... solar, wind, biofuel, etc... IT, or i should say dot com, is no longer the leader of "technology". when msft acquired facebook, which makes it becomes billion business... critic says, are they crazy?? is msft dreaming of $? or just an revenge to the acquisition of DoubleClick??

in honest, i don't think facebook worth billions... today or even after. but, if facebook is a company that do business in renewable energy, i will say it worth trillion!

Give Hands to the Globe!! support the Green VC ~~~

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