Monday, September 08, 2008

project lab pc count !? wtf, i can't get a seat all day!?

52 PCs in total
30 PCs allocated to student
19 of 30 PCs are shared with 2 students
11 of 30 PCs are used by single student

44 students still did not apply or receive PC.
22 PCs un-allocated.
2008-09-08 statistics

plus little calculation ...
probability( my pc is going to be shared \w someone ) = 44/(11 + 22*2) = 80% !?


2 Responses to “project lab pc count !? wtf, i can't get a seat all day!?”

warenix said...

your calculation isn't correct:

44 people waiting for new pcs
22 pcs not allocated
each pc accommodates at most 2 people

so, just using the 22 pcs already can serve 44 people

probability of sharing = 0

mr.kschan said...

no la ~ u omit a factor...

the PC assignment is random. we cannot assume 44ppl will be allocated by those 22 PCs.

since, the practice is to first assign unallocated PC by a single user.... then when all PC allocated, start to share PC.

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