Saturday, November 08, 2008

2 Big Statistics ... SmartPhone and its OS

See ...

iPhone SDK is really suck... but ... hackers like to build excellent thing from the suck =]
Because.. it's worth to do so .... the growth is terrible ....

4 Responses to “2 Big Statistics ... SmartPhone and its OS”

warenix said...

Don't be too subjective.

I've tried S60 OS. The experience is much worse than Apple's.

mr.kschan said...

=] comparing suck thing with sucker thing


actually... everything sucks XD

warenix said...

I can't say you are wrong beacause your belife of assuming everthing is not perfect at the beginning would give you motivation and rooms for improvement. That is too critical and will make you hate everything in the world.

Life should be happier.

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