Monday, September 13, 2010

tour to planet pandora

actually ... not going to planet Pandora but 张家界 and 凤凰城 :P

just wanna post some shots here :)

indeed, you can find out more shots in my facebook album ... (yep, i dont pay flickr as i'm poor :P)

PLus ... wanna post 2 pictures of the 军声砂石画 (being introduced during the tour)... that's pretty new to me.

This kind of art gives EXTREMELY HIGH "dpi". Yes, dot per inch.... Since it uses raw materials like woods, sands and rocks as the painting materials, the texture of the objects in the painting is pretty close to the texture of real objects. The following is a close-up of the bottom right corner of the painting above and you can find that there are many sands.

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