Friday, March 30, 2007

The Project Lab...

Just visited flysforum... a funny post is noticed ...

wt are the FYP guys doing these days and planned to do in easter^^?

April is the month of the deadline of FYP , include report and a demo ...

The FYP guys are hurrying in project lab these days ...
i saw someone is leisure-ing around the lab, and someone is working hard in the lab.

i'm the one who only need not to hv FYP yet in the lab ...
but , i can feel their stress .

Their eyes go fall asleep. Their brains awake.

next month... or i should say next week , is the easter. Holiday??? or Bonus working day???
for me , of course a Bonus !

although i do not hv much works as the FYP guys, it is the time for me to "observe" how the guys work on fyp.

so ... my plan like this ... April - May ... act back a hidden guy in CS ... and live in project lab! (i expose too much already ...)

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