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A summary of "51 things we can do to save the environment"

just finished the summary..

51 things we can do to save the environment, from time April 9, 2007

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If you want to give a hand to the Earth, spread this message and take action!

1. Turn food into fuel - new technology to use corn to produce ethanol as fuel

2. Get blueprints for a green house - when you are going to a new home, get a blueprint for the new green house

3. Change your lightbulbs - change old bulbs to LEDs at your home

4. Light up your city - change old bulbs in the city to LEDs

5. Pay the carbon tax - plan to follow Kyoto Protocol ... either cap-and-trade or pay tax for CO2

6. Ditch the McMansion - live in a small house instead of a big one which waste energy

7. Hang up a clothesline - try to hang your clothes instead of using the dryer

8. Give new life to your old fleece - recycle your old clothes

9. Build a skyscraper - build a new architect with an energy-saving design

10. Turn up the geothermal - use the energy from the deep underground

11. Take another look at vintage clothes - exchange your clothes with friend instead of buying new all the time

12. Capture the carbon - pump the CO2 down to the ground or the sear

13. Let employees work close to home - set up multiple work places around the metro

14. Ride the bus - ride on public instead of private car

15. Move to a high-rise - live near the town center, walk instead of driving all the time

16. Pay your bills online - use the power of Internet, save papers

17. Open a window - enjoy the natural wind instead of the air conditioner

18. Ask the experts for an energy audit of your home - redesign your home to an energy-saving environment

19. Buy green power, at home or away - try to move to places that provide energy by the nature

20. Check the label - when purchasing new electronics, keep checking the label and buy a energy-save machine

21. Cozy up to your water heater - replace your old water heater by a new energy-save one

22. Skip the steak - try not to eat so much steak, the meat industry is making so much CO2

23. Copy California - cut the CO2 emission as California

24. Just say no to plastic bags - try not to use plastic bags when shopping and recycle the bag as most as you can

25. Support your local farmer - buy food from local provider so that you save the food shipping CO2 emission

26. Plant a bamboo fence - bamboo is fast growing plant which can absorb CO2 in large amount

27. Straighten up and fly right - investigate whether it is possible to make flight fly in a straight line instead of turning around all the time

28. Have a green wedding - celebrate the wedding nearby, save the CO2 emission from traveling

29. Remove the tie - don’t be silly that making yourself HOT with a suit in summer

30. Shut off your computer - screen saver is not actually saving power, shut it down if you are not using it

31. Wear green eye shadow - makeup with eco-friendly product

32. Kill the lights at quitting time - turn off everything in your office when no one is there

33. Rearrange the heavens and the earth - use sci-fi methods to solve the problem

34. Rake in the fall colors - don’t burn the falling leaves

35. End the paper chase - buy recycle paper, folks

36. Play the market - play around the cap-and-trade, reduce the carbon emission and trade the quota to others with earning money

37. Think outside the packaging - reduce the amount of packaging of a product

38. Trade carbon for capital - earns carbon emission credit by joining the energy-efficient projects in the developing world

39. Make your garden grow - plant plants to absorb CO2

40. Get a carbon budget - cap-and-trade scheme to individually person all over the world

41. Fill’er up with passengers - if you drive your own car, try making all seat occupied by a person instead of empty-ness

42. Pay for your carbon sins - contribute some money to clean-energy projects, pollution control, tree plating and forest conservation

43. Move to London’s new green zone - join the “zero-carbon housing development”

44. Check your tires - use hybrid engine for your car if possible, if not, tune-up the engine and keep tires properly inflated

45. Make one right turn after another - drive your car with minimum idle time for waiting a turn

46. Plant a tree in the tropics - plant forest instead of destructing the forest

47. If you must burn coal, do it right - use co-generating plants so that excess heat is also used

48. Drive green on the scenic route - rent a eco-friendly car on vacation

49. Set a higher standard - set a higher standard for power plant

50. Be aggressive about passive - live in a house with passive energy recycling added

51. Consume less, share more, live simply - Live simply, meditate, consume less, think more, and to share resources if possible

My English is not good, if there is something wrong in the summary, i apologize. Go back to to take the original article.

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