Monday, April 23, 2007


This is the morning of week13... the last week of this semester.

In this morning, I read Time when I am having breakfast.. And, Time is telling me that Asian fathers are spending too less time to their children because they need to work for long hours.

I meditate myself as a student after the reading ... I find myself got a BIG FAILURE in this semester... I lost so many promises to others, and even I lost promise to myself.

In this semester, I work as a "full-time" student ... from 9 to 23 day by day.. I don't know why I need to spend so much hours on my studying stuff. I tried ask my classmate at the early of the semester (he can play nds and watch youtube in this semester... god-.-"), "why you can have so much time to kill...? But I find myself have no time to kill..." He answered - "you need to ask yourself why".

Today, I get the answer ...
1) I serve too much time on others
2) I kill too much time because I worked with stupid way
3) I am not able to buy time from others

So, how can I solve the problem? I do not have a detail plan yet ... But, I know I won't allow this failure happen again! damn!

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