Sunday, June 21, 2009

my gsoc2009 @ June 21

It's a GDay =] Several bugs are KIA... AND, only several miles away from the destination =]

main.js is now 18xx lines (which is 23% of the original main.js)

There are totally 22 ui-components that builds up the doc-editor ui while there are 8 ui-task wrappers work for the user.

if you read my previous report back to 2 weeks ago, i have refactored and tested 4xxx lines js in this two weeks :p indeed ... these 4xxx lines are 70-80% alike but different context in use.

anyway ... if you read my proposed timeline .... i'm still behind schedule :p even so ... the proposed one is actually different from the acting one :p Thus! this week ... i will use the time for "merging and testing" to refactor and test out the rest of main.js.

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