Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010 - Clean Water

When u brush your teeth, do u ever think of the amount of clean water u used?

Let me introduce my "philosophy" :P

Here is a little green cup that i use to contain the water when i brush my teeth. I started using it since my childhood. It's around 2x years old :)

When u compare it to some normal sized container ... the red one in the photo ... u will know how little is my green cup.

Someone asked me why i keep using such a little cup? Don't u need to fill the cup more times than a bigger one.

My philosophy is that ... when u used a bigger cup, u may waste MUCH MORE clean water. This is the same as the plate or bowl that holds food. If u get a big plate, u may fill much more food with it. This is because our habit is to fill something "full". So, the smaller the container, the less you can fill with it. Most of the time when u fill something ... u will fill more than u need. If u agree ... try look for a smaller container :)

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