Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some Fact from Fortune

Market Cap (in billion as of 1/11/08$317$200$152
Cash (in billion)$21.6$13.1$15.4
No. of company acquired since 200427330

source - Fortune Feb 4, 2008

Wt does it mean ???
As we all seen credit crunch in late 2007, the equity becomes cheaper and cheaper than b4. Giant Tech. company can make more acquiry than b4 !!

Fortune listed some potential acquiry targets that I dunno (since i'm too short-sighted... DAMN!) - Financial planning service... ( I should take some time to use it ... and share to friends =] ) - Business look up... - "Universal" power adapter... ( I like this one !! Support the GREEN!! ) - HD Video Streaming ... - making "street view" in GMap a bit shame ... ( However, I still like GMap ~ ) - next generation TV experience ??

Don't forget!! The ... so called web 2.0 TV

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