Tuesday, February 12, 2008

they got Windows Mobile ... why still acquire Yahoo and Danger??

Microsoft announced the purchase of Danger - maker of T-Mobile's SideKick web phone.

btw, they already got the Windows Mobile for PDA and PDA Phone... why they need to spend money to make a "QUICK" move to the mobile phone market?

The answer is ... Android - the growing mobile platform offered by Google Inc.

Meanwhile, MSFT proposed to purchase Yahoo "again". Why?

The answer is ... DoubleClick - the online advertising company purchased by Google Inc.

Google is making docs, xls and ppts online ... the revenge can be made by MSFT is to purchase some company to fight back "immediately"..

gliffy.com, flowchart.com, and drawanywhere.com who will be acquired next???

Despite, Apple's iPhone must not be stopped right here and right now. they are probably doing something to fight with the other 2 giants ...

in this fight ... mashups MIGHT thrive !! looking forward to see an excellent mashup company =D and don't forget the information bull - facebook.com

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