Friday, March 14, 2008

The Great Chinese Dream ??

In general, the American Dream can be defined as having the freedom that allows
all citizens to achieve their goals in life through hard work in the United
States of America. Today, it generally refers to the idea that one's prosperity
depends upon one's own abilities and hard work, not on a rigid class structure,
though the meaning of the phrase has changed over America's history. For some,
it is the opportunity to achieve more prosperity than they could in their
countries of origin; for others, it is the opportunity for their children to
grow up with an education and career opportunities; for others, it is the
opportunity to be an individual without the constraints imposed by class, caste,
race, or ethnicity.
- from Wikipeida

How about the Great China? Do we have dream?

Yes. We have dream like the American.

Near to the developed cities in China, there are numbers of satellite cities in the suburbs. In the suburbs, there are developing buildings and apartments next to numbers of miles of green lands. Big foreign companies, like Intel, spotted some location to build their factory in China.

This is how the dream start!

Undergraduates look at those companies. Work at there and earn money from them. They can have their own apartments just next to the work place by few miles and enjoying their own dream house with their own dream car.

This dream will at least last for 10 years.

I am one of the undergraduates. But, am I going back to my motherland for the rest of my life? Or just stay in my homeland? Am I going to have my Great Chinese Dream?

2 Responses to “The Great Chinese Dream ??”

warenix said...

I will state in Hong Kong in my life, no matter what would happen.

That's my dream.

mr.kschan said...

how's your HK Dream =]

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