Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mobile Phone Market War ... as expected... see previous post about the acquisition of by MSFT

MSFT is competing with Adobe (Flex), Sun (JavaFX), and Mozilla (Prism) on desktop platform by Silverlight ... However, Sun already dominant the mobile market. Will Silverlight successfully HIT the phones?

Of course, Google won't let MSFT earn the most -

Here we get the Google Gear... and let's keep an eye on Android!! Who knows what will happen when the first phone with Android goes public!!

BTW, who will win the game?

Yahoo - - is also doing something to make itself appear in mobile market ... will they success to do so? Or they will just kicked out of the stage ??

Apple - - who is doing something different than others ... will they still catch the users' desires???

stay tuned.

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