Tuesday, July 07, 2009

my gsoc2009 @ July 07

When I read the gsoc timeline, I was expected to submit a "mid-term evaluation" that I thought it's a written report. But... finally, it turns out that it's a MC-alike survey ^^ My Life Is MUCH EASIER!!

Anyway, there are still 2 big empty boxes to fill in texxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt :( I'm not feeling comfortable with it as the boxes are at the bottom of the MCs :p (quite disappoint me that I need to think of something to fill the boxes :p)

By the way, I got a good news and bad news from the php mailing list ... Good news is that php is going to use SVN. Bad news is that doc-editor is CVS-dependent. That's to say I need to twist the code and adopt the migration ^^"

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