Friday, July 24, 2009

my gsoc2009 @ July 24

php svn-migration is complete and that's time to commit changes :p (excuse for my laziness)

the project is now on

You may have a look into the dirty codes by "svn co doc-editor"

What I've done thus far from the last commit is that I factored the php files from the ground to the top. The single pain-long (yup, pain-long not plain-long as that's really painful!) class.php is now separated into dozen of files in which each of them groups related functions. The groupings are now written on

Let's have a sneak preview :p

Anyway, what are other excuses of a late commit ^^?

The trouble was that .... i failed to commit the codes .... OMG... What a pity?
The case was that ... when i did svn ci, server responded me ..

svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged
svn: Server sent unexpected return value (400 Bad Request) in response to PROPPATCH request

err.... what can I do? Of course.... shout SOS!

And, I got a hand from the mailing list and lovely Apache told me ...

[Wed Jul 22 02:29:46 2009] [error] [client (screened)] Could not fetch resource information. [301, #0]
[Wed Jul 22 02:29:46 2009] [error] [client (screened)] Requests for a collection must have a trailing slash on the URI. [301, #0]

So ... the last resort is Goooooogle!

With a day or two of searching and guessing ... I came to this... The archived mail told me that ... perhaps my network proxy did something naughty to my svn ci .... ( :[ damn hidden proxy? )

The solution is this... i bring the patch back to my home with no hidden proxy ... and committed =]

p.s. Have a footnote here... I'm brainstorming further refactor the project ... see

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