Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my gsoc2009 @ July 28

SVN is good for source control "only".

Why I'm saying so ^^? Read the story...

The story is simple....

In doc-editor, user won't need to register in which doc-editor will check for cvs-credential automatically. As cvs2svn migration complete, I need to adopt svn for doc-editor. So, the very first thing is that I need to understand how svn authenticate!!

Just before my study ... I just know ... svn uses Apache and Http... That's ALL! So, I googled ... "subversion http protocol" and failed. Then, I read subversion *documents* slowly and know that it's using webdav. So, I googled "subversion webdav protocol"... Yes! It give me this!

Therefore, I make my first trail with php-webdav-extension from here...

The codes are simple as shown here ~.~ It fires a webdav-put request and so the authentication stuff are sent to server.

Even it worked... but ... drawbacks come.... no matter what, Apache give me error log as the webdav request is not valid to mod_dav_svn.

Thus, I think I better seek advice from mentor =] And mentor just said, if we're going to use php-extension, we better use the official ... However, the official svn package is somehow like the native svn-client in which the authentication is fired when some operations ask for that... That's to say... it's not much different that I use exec('svn ci') =.=" So, it's much better to do it raw!

To do it raw... I need to understand how's the webdav protocol actually works out ... That's pretty difficult (I should say it's evil honestly =.=) I tried to seek help from freenode-irc #svn but not much help ... So I googled to see how can I trace a http-request and response....

The answer is .... strace!

As fas as I know from the strace ... Apache may be using mod_auth_digest for authentication ... Therefore ... i'm going to study how it works now ... so that i can MD5 the "password" for the authorization header.

( another hard task for me -.-" but that's quite enjoyable =] )

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