Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SMI 2008 CSR Report ... Letter from the CEO

Sun Micro. 的 2008 CSR Report 發報了... 在Q1 Financial Report 之前發報 ... 作為一位學生,同時亦是一位員工... (當然也是一位投資者 =.=") 對 Financial Report 絕對有興趣!! 那麼... CSR Report 呢? 是否可以忽略呢? 當然不是啦.... 歌都有得唱... "同住地球村"~

其實, 小弟一向對 CSR 不認識... 只知道.. 一間企業雖要對社會付責任, 因為企業取"資"於社會. (這裡, 資可解資金、亦可解資源吧)

小弟曾受惠於 CSR, 到了一間大銀行裡實習, 理應非常熱愛 CSR 這一詞. 但其實... 很坦白的說... 在這資本主義的社會底下.. 企業 CSR 到底是為了付責還是節流呢? 這一個問題對我存在已久.

openness has always been a powerful force for progress. And when people are empowered to change their world—in their way, however they can—the possibilities are endless.


Sun's 2008 CSR report is a snapshot of where we are on our sustainability journey. As you'll read, we're proud of all that we're doing well: Investing in eco innovation while also reducing our own environmental impact; enabling access to technology and opportunity, with an unwavering commitment to openness; and recognizing and rewarding our people so that they are empowered to make the best choices – for themselves and their communities.

若去看看 Report 的 Key Data... SMI 的確是一間對社會、對環境付責任的企業. 當上 Fortune Greenest Company 絕不是虛名!

Steve Jobs 曾經說過... "要愛上自己做的事..." 可能,留了在 SMI 這麼久... 就是因為 SMI 的 CSR 做得好吧.

當然... 說到技術、公司方向, 還有其他總總的 factor... Google 還是我的最大夢想.

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