Friday, October 31, 2008

SMI FY09 Q1 Result - Blog from CEO

It's out! Check out the CEO's Blog.

In the blog entry, I definitely like the following ...

Now, how is Software growing if you give everything away?

We make our software freely available to enable its distribution to the farthest reaches of the market - which we then monetize with commercial subscriptions and services, alongside optimized hardware systems (like Open Storage, above). We continue to reach customers that have already settled on our software - the process of selling to them is simplified by the fact they're already using our core products. And unlike most university students (who typically have more time than money), our paying customers view downtime or administrative complexity as more expensive than a software subscription (that is, they have more money than time).

Thus, customers will pay, and continue to pay for access to enterprise grade features, along with mission critical support and maintenance - the Software business is both a license, subscription and services business.

"most university students (who typically have more time than money)" is definitely right and that's why I previously don't understand how open source makes $$ =].

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